Many users find it easier and quicker using keyboard shortcuts in Excel. But you may be wondering, how many functions can you actually perform in Excel using keyboard shortcuts?

Just like how there are numerous Excel functions available, there are also numerous shortcuts you can perform using keyboard shortcuts in Excel.

Keyboard Shortcuts in Excel

In this article, I will share with you over 300 useful and effective keyboard shortcuts in Excel available for Windows users. And whether you are a new beginner in Excel or an advanced user, this list will serve as a guide to help you work more efficiently.


2Ctrl + O To OPEN an already saved workbook file.
3Ctrl + STo SAVE a workbook.
4Ctrl + W  To CLOSE a workbook
5Ctrl + PTo PRINT a workbook file
6Ctrl + F2  To open the PRINT PREVIEW window.
7Ctrl + F5To RESTORE the selected workbook window.
8Alt + F, CTo CLOSE and SAVE your workbook.
9Alt + F, E  To EXPORT your workbook.
10Alt + F, Z To SHARE your workbook
11F12 To SAVE AS
12Ctrl + F4  /  Alt + F4 To CLOSE selected workbook.


Use these keyboard shortcuts to access keys for the ribbon tabs and work in the ribbon.

13Ctrl + F1To EXPAND or COLLAPSE the ribbon.
15Alt + Tab /  Shift + Tab / TabTo move to the next RIBBON CONTROL.
16Arrow KeysTo move UP, DOWN, LEFT or RIGHT among items on the Ribbon
17Alt + Spacebar  / Down ArrowTo open/display the CONTROL MENU.
18Space bar / Enter  To ACTIVATE the selected control
19Alt + Down arrowTo OPEN the MENU for selected control or activate FILTERS for cells.
20Down Arrow To MOVE to the next command in a MENU or SUBMENU
21Shift + F10 To open the CONTEXT MENU (i.e the RIGHT-CLICK MENU) for selected cell.
22Left ArrowTo MOVE to the SUBMENU when main menu is opened.
23Alt + H  To open the HOME tab
24Alt + N  To open the INSERT tab.
25Alt + P  To open the PAGE LAYOUT tab.
26Alt + M  To open the FORMULAS tab.
27Alt + ATo open the DATA tab.
28Alt + R  To open the REVIEW tab.
29Alt + W  To open the VIEW tab.
30Alt + F  To open the FILE page and go to INFO. 
31Alt + QTo go to SEARCH field or TELL ME on the Ribbon and type your search term.
32Alt + F , TTo go to OPTIONS.
33Alt + H, HTo choose a FILL COLOUR.
34Alt + Y  To SHARE workbook with others
35Ctrl + Z To UNDO the last action.
36Ctrl + Y  / F4To REDO or REPEAT the last action or command.
37Ctrl + FTo go to FIND dialog.
38Ctrl + HTo display FIND and REPLACE dialog.
39Ctrl + Alt + VTo display PASTE SPECIAL dialog box.
40Ctrl + Shift + F4To FIND the PREVIOUS match.
41Shift +F4  To FIND the NEXT match.
42DeleteTo REMOVE contents in a cell or selected cells.


43Alt + F1To INSERT CHART or create EMBEDDED CHART in the current range.
44F11   To CREATE CHART of selected data range in a new worksheet

Tables and Filters

45Ctrl + L To OPEN the CREATE TABLE dialog.
46Ctrl + TTo CREATE a TABLE for a selected cell range.
47Ctrl + A  To SELECT a TABLE in the worksheet
48Ctrl + Spacebar  To SELECT an entire COLUMN in a table.
49Shift + SpacebarTo SELECT an entire ROW in a table. 
50Ctrl + Shift + LTo turn on/off FILTER DROP-DOWN MENU to the columns.

Drag and Drop

51Drag   To drag and CUT or FILL same contents in a new cell.
52Shift + Drag  To drag and INSERT same contents in a new cell.
53Ctrl + Drag  To COPY UPDATED contents in new cell or to DUPLICATE worksheet.
54Ctrl + Shift + Drag  To DRAG and INSERT COPY of content.
55Alt + Drag To MOVE POSITION of a worksheet.
56Ctrl + Shift + Drag  To drag and INSERT copy.


Make use of these keyboard shortcuts when navigating in cells.

57Shift + TabTo MOVE to PREVIOUS CELL in a worksheet 
58Tab + Right arrow/Right Arrow (->) To move ONE CELL RIGHT in a worksheet.
59Tab + Left Arrow/Left Arrow (<-)To move ONE CELL LEFT in a worksheet.
60Tab + Up Arrow/Up Arrow  To move ONE CELL UP in a worksheet
61Tab + Down Arrow/Down Arrow  To move ONE CELL DOWN in a worksheet.
62Alt + Pg Dn  To MOVE SCREEN ONCE to the RIGHT in a worksheet
63Alt + Pg Up  To MOVE SCREEN ONCE to the LEFT in a worksheet.
64Pg UpTo move ONCE UP the SCREEN in a worksheet.
65Pg DnTo move DOWN the screen ONCE.
66Ctrl + Up arrow  To move to the TOP EDGE of the current data region.
67Ctrl + Down arrow  To move to the BOTTOM EDGE of the current data region.
68Ctrl + Right arrow                                   To move towards RIGHT EDGE of the current data region.  
69Ctrl + Left arrow  To move towards the LEFT EDGE of the current data region.
70Ctrl + Pg UpTo move LEFT to the PREVIOUS sheet in a workbook. 
71Ctrl + Pg Dn  To move RIGHT to the NEXT SHEET in a workbook.
72Ctrl + End  To move to the LAST USED cell in a worksheet.
73Ctrl + HomeTo go to the BEGINNING (First Cell – A1) of a worksheet.
74Ctrl + G + Enter  To go back to selected HYPERLINK.
75Home  To go to the BEGINNING of a ROW.
76Home + Scroll LockTo move to the UPPER-LEFT CORNER cell when Scroll lock is on.
77TabTo move RIGHT to the NEXT CELL.
78Alt + Down ArrowTo OPEN the LIST of DATA VALIDATION OPTIONS on a cell
79Ctrl + Alt + 5To cycle through FLOATING SHAPES or IMAGES in a worksheet
80EscTo EXIT the FLOATING SHAPE navigation
81End  To turn on or off END MODE.

Formatting Text Cells

82Ctrl + 1 To OPEN the FORMAT CELLS dialog box. 
83Shift + F10  To open FORMAT CELLS dialog.
84Ctrl + CTo COPY selected cells.
85Ctrl + X  To CUT and move the selected cells.
86Ctrl + VTo PASTE the copied or cut content.
87Ctrl + Alt + V  / Alt+E+STo open PASTE SPECIAL dialog 
88Ctrl + B  /  Ctrl + 2To apply or remove BOLD formatting to selected cells.
89Ctrl + I  /  Ctrl + 3  To apply or remove ITALICS formatting to selected cells
90Ctrl + U  /  Ctrl +4  To apply or remove UNDERLINE to selected cells.
91Ctrl + 5To apply or remove a STRIKETHROUGH in a cell.
92Ctrl + 6 To HIDE or SHOW objects
93Ctrl + K To INSERT HYPERLINK to content of selected cells.
94Ctrl + QTo display QUICK ANALYSIS OPTION for selected cells with data.
95Alt + H, A, C  To ALIGN cell content to the CENTER. 
96Alt + H + A + L  To ALIGN cell content to the LEFT.
97Alt + H + A + R   To ALIGN cell content to the RIGHT. 
98Alt + H + 6  To apply THEME COLOUR to the background in a cell.
99Alt + H + 5  To REMOVE INDENT.
100Alt + H + FGTo INCREASE FONT SIZE one step.
101Alt + H + FK  To DECREASE FONT SIZE one step.
102Ctrl + Shift + F / Ctrl + Shift + PTo open the FONT MENU in the format cells dialog.
103Ctrl + Shift + GTo OPEN the STATISTICS dialog in a workbook.

Formatting Number Cells

104Ctrl + Shift + ~ To apply GENERAL FORMAT to selected cells.
105Ctrl + Shift + @  To apply the TIME format.
106Ctrl + Shift + !  To apply the NUMBER format
107Ctrl + Shift + $  To apply the CURRENCY format with 2 decimal places.
108Ctrl + Shift + #  / Ctrl + #To apply the DATE format.
109Ctrl + Shift + %  To apply the PERCENTAGE format.
110Ctrl + Shift + ^  To apply SCIENTIFIC format. 
111Ctrl + Shift + “  To apply CUSTOM format
112Ctrl + ‘  To display CELL FORMULAS.
113Ctrl + ~To SWITCH to DATE format
114Ctrl + Shift + ~  or  Ctrl #   To copy the SAME content of the cell directly ABOVE.

Paste Special

Paste Special is used for pasting specific aspect of the data that has been copied. e.g its formatting or value using the paste special options. After copying the data, open the paste special dialog box with Ctrl + Alt + V or Alt + E + S, to pick an option using the required letter.

115Ctrl + Alt + V  / Alt+E+S To open PASTE SPECIAL dialog options
116 ATo paste ALL the cell CONTENTS and FORMATTING
117 FTo paste only the FORMULAS of the COPIED cell.
118 VTo paste only the VALUES of copied cell.
119 TTo paste only the FORMATTING of the copied cell.
120 CTo paste only COMMENTS and NOTES attached to the copied cell
121 NTo paste only the DATA VALIDATION SETTINGS from the copied cell.
122 HTo paste ALL the cell CONTENTS and FORMATTING from the copied cells.
123 XTo paste ALL cell contents WITHOUT adding the BORDERS
124 WTo paste only COLUMN WIDTHS from the copied cells.
125 RTo paste only FORMULAS and NUMBER FORMATS from copied cells.
126 UTo paste VALUES and NUMBER FORMATS from copied cells.


127Ctrl + A / Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar To SELECT an entire WORKSHEET or current DATA REGION in a worksheet.
128Ctrl + Shift + SpacebarTo SELECT current DATA REGION or OBJECTS in a WORKSHEET
129Ctrl + Shift + Pg DnTo select the CURRENT AND NEXT SHEET in a workbook.
130Ctrl + Shift + Pg UpTo select the CURRENT AND PREVIOUS SHEET in a workbook.
131Shift + Spacebar  To SELECT an entire ROW. 
132Ctrl + SpacebarTo SELECT an entire COLUMN  
133Ctrl + Shift + *  To select CURRENT REGION around active cell. 
134Shift + Click To ADD ADJACENT cells to a selection.
135Ctrl + Click  To ADD NON-ADJACENT cells to a selection.
136Ctrl + Alt + Right Arrow(->) To MOVE RIGHT between NON-ADJACENT selections
137Ctrl + Alt + Left Arrow(->)  To MOVE LEFT between NON-ADJACENT selections.                
138Shift + F8  To ADD a NON-ADJACENT cell or range to a SELECTION using arrow keys.
139HomeTo select FIRST COMMAND on a MENU or SUB-MENU

Extended Selection

141Shift + Right Arrow   To extend selection by ONE cell to the RIGHT.
142Shift + Left Arrow  To extend selection by ONE cell to the LEFT.
143Shift + Up Arrow  To extend selection by ONE cell UP.
144Shift + Down Arrow  To extend selection by ONE cell DOWN.
145Ctrl + Shift + Right Arrow To extend selection to the LAST NON-BLANK cell on the RIGHT.
146Ctrl + Shift + Left Arrow To extend selection to the LAST NON-BLANK cell on the LEFT. 
147Ctrl + Shift + Up Arrow To extend selection to the LAST NON-BLANK cell at the TOP.
148Ctrl + Shift + Down Arrow To extend selection to the LAST NON-BLANK cell at the BELOW.
149Shift + PgUp  To extend selection UP one screen.
150Shift + PgDn  To extend selection DOWN one screen.
151Alt + Shift + PgDn  To extend selection RIGHT one screen.
152Alt + Shift + PgUp  To extend selection LEFT one screen.
153Shift + Home  To extend selection to the START of a ROW.
154Ctrl + Shift + Home  To extend selection to the BEGINNING first cell in worksheet.
155Ctrl + Shift + End  To extend selection to the LAST USED CELL in a worksheet.
156F8  To turn ON and OFF the EXTEND SELECTION MODE and extend selection with arrow keys.

Active Cell

157Shift + Backspace To SELECT ACTIVE cell only.
158Ctrl + Backspace  To SHOW the ACTIVE cell on a worksheet.
159Ctrl + .  To MOVE ACTIVE cell CLOCKWISE in selection.
160Enter  To COMPLETE cell entry and move ACTIVE cell DOWN in selection.
161Shift + Enter  To COMPLETE cell entry and move ACTIVE cell UP in selection.
162Shift + Tab  To MOVE ACTIVE cell LEFT in a selection.  
163Tab  To MOVE ACTIVE cell RIGHT in a selection.

Making Special Selection

164Ctrl + G To display the GO TO dialog box.
165Ctrl + Shift + O  To SELECT cells with COMMENTS.
166Ctrl + /  To select CURRENT ARRAY.
167Ctrl + \  To select ROW DIFFERENCES.
168Ctrl + [  To select DIRECT PRECEDENTS.
169Ctrl + ]  To select DIRECT DEPENDENTS.
170Ctrl + Shift + | To select COLUMN DIFFERENCES.
171Ctrl + Shift + {  To select ALL PRECEDENTS.
172Ctrl + Shift + }  To select ALL DEPENDENTS.
173Alt + ; To select VISIBLE CELLS only.

Editing Cells

174F2  To EDIT an active cell.
175F7To CHECK the SPELLING of selected cell content in a worksheet
176Esc  To CANCEL an entry.
177Backspace  To DELETE characters to the LEFT.
178Delete To DELETE characters to the RIGHT.
179Shift + F10 + D To DELETE COMMENT in a cell
181Shift + F2  To INSERT or OPEN and EDIT a COMMENT.
182Shift + ->To SELECT characters to the RIGHT.
183Shift + <-  To SELECT characters to the LEFT.
184Shift + Home  To select to the BEGINNING of the cell in a ROW.
185Shift + End  To select to the END of the cell / Switch to END MODE.
186Ctrl + ->  To MOVE one word towards the RIGHT.
187Ctrl + <-   To MOVE one word towards the LEFT.
188Ctrl + Shift + <-   To SELECT one word towards the LEFT.
189Ctrl + Shift + ->  To SELECT one word towards the RIGHT.
190Ctrl + Delete  To DELETE to the END of the line.
191Alt + Enter  To START a NEW LINE in the SAME cell

Entering Data

192Enter To ENTER the content and move down.
193Tab To ENTER the content and move RIGHT.
194Shift + Tab To ENTER content and move LEFT.
195Shift + Enter  To COMPLETE ENTRY in a cell and move to the cell ABOVE.
196Ctrl + Enter To enter SAME DATA in SELECTED MULTIPLE cells.
197Ctrl + Enter    To COMPLETE ENTRY and stay in the SAME cell. 
198Ctrl + ; To ENTER the CURRENT DATE in a cell.
199Ctrl + D To use FILL DOWN to copy the same content and format of the cell ABOVE.
200Ctrl + R To FILL to the RIGHT the same content of the cell on the LEFT.
201Ctrl + ‘  To COPY the FORMULA from the cell ABOVE the active cell.
202Ctrl + Shift + 9  To REMOVE all HYPERLINKS.
203Ctrl + Shift + : To ENTER the CURRENT TIME in a cell.
204Ctrl + Shift + “  To COPY the VALUE from cell above into a cell or  formula bar.
205Ctrl + ` (Grave accent)To SWITCH between viewing displayed cell VALUES or FORMULAS in the worksheet.
206Alt + Down Arrow To display AUTO COMPLETE LIST.
207Alt + Enter  To START a NEW LINE in the SAME cell.
208Enter To COMPLETE the entry in a cell and move to the NEXT one.


209Ctrl + Shift + &  To ADD border OUTLINE around selected cells.
210 Ctrl + Shift + _ To REMOVE a border OUTLINE from selected cells.
211 Alt + H, BTo ADD BORDERS.
212 Alt + RTo add or remove borders to the RIGHT.
213 Alt + LTo add or remove border to the LEFT.
214 Alt + TTo add or remove border at the TOP.
215 Alt + BTo add or remove border at the BOTTOM.
216 Alt + DTo add or remove border UPWARD DIAGONAL.
217 Alt + HTo  add or remove border HORIZONTAL INTERIOR.
218 Alt + VTo add or remove border VERTICAL INTERIOR

To Hide/Unhide

219 Ctrl + 9 To HIDE the selected ROWS
220 Ctrl + 0To HIDE the selected COLUMNS

Data, Functions and Formulas

221F3 To PASTE an already DEFINED NAME into a FORMULA
222F4To CYCLE THROUGH all ABSOLUTE and RELATIVE references in a formula
223F9To CALCULATE all worksheets in all OPEN wokbooks
224Alt + = To AUTO SUM selected cells
225Shift + F3 To open INSERT FUNCTION dialog 
226Shift + F9To CALCULATE only the ACTIVE worksheets
227Ctrl + ‘ To TOGGLE FORMULAS on and off.
228Ctrl + ATo display FUNCTION ARGUMENT dialog 
229Ctrl + E To invoke FLASH FILL to FILL current COLUMN with PATTERNS in ADJACENT COLUMNS.
230Ctrl + F3To OPEN the NAME MANAGER dialog.
231Alt + M, M, DTo DEFINE a selected cell range NAME to use in REFERENCES.
233Ctrl + Shift + EnterTo enter ARRAY FORMULAR
234Ctrl + Alt + F9To FORCE CALCULATE all worksheets in all OPEN workboks (i.e Calculate worksheets regarless of any changes since its last calculation)
235Ctrl + Shift + UTo EXPAND or COLLAPSE the FORMULA BAR
236Ctrl + Shift + F3To  CREATE NAMES from VALUES in rows and columns or To DEFINE NAME using row and column labels.
237Ctrl + Shift + EndTo SELECT all TEXT in the formula bar
238Alt + Shift + F10To display the MENU or MESSAGE for ERROR CHECKING
239Ctrl + EndTo MOVE cursor to the END of the TEXT in the formula bar.


Use these keys to refresh data from external data sources.

242EscTo STOP a REFRESH operation.
243Ctrl + F5To REFRESH the data in CURRENT WORKSHEET. 
244Ctrl + Alt + F5 To refresh ALL DATA in a WORKBOOK.

Grid Operations

245Ctrl + –  To OPEN DELETE dialog 
247Delete To REMOVE contents of selected cells
248Ctrl + 8 To hide or show OUTLINE SYMBOLS
249Ctrl + Shift + (+) To open INSERT DIALOG 
250Ctrl + Shift + (+) To INSERT new ROWS or COLUMNS
251Ctrl + Alt + (+)To ZOOM IN
252Ctrl + Alt + (-) To ZOOM OUT
254 Alt + Shift + -> To GROUP rows and columns or To OPEN the GROUP DIALOG
255 Alt + Shift + <-  To UNGROUP rows and columns or To OPEN the UNGROUP DIALOG.

Power Pivot Tables

Use these keyboard shortcuts when working with Power Pivot in Excel 2013, 2016, 2019 and Office 365.

256Ctrl + A To SELECT the entire PIVOT TABLE
257Right-clickTo OPEN the CONTEXT MENU for selected cell or cell range.
258Ctrl + DTo DELETE the pivot table.
259Ctrl + MTo MOVE the pivot table
260Ctrl + RTo RENAME the pivot table
261Ctrl + –To HIDE pivot table item
262Alt + F1 To CREATE EMBEDDED CHART in the SAME RANGE in the worksheet.
263Alt + D + P To OPEN PIVOT TABLE wizard
264Alt + Shift + ->  To GROUP pivot table items
265Alt + Shift + <- To UNGROUP pivot table items
266F5To open the GO TO dialog
267F9To RECALCULATE ALL FORMULAS in the Power Pivot Table.
268F11To CREATE PIVOT CHART in the same worksheet
269Spacebar To toggle PIVOT TABLE FIELD checkbox.


270 Shift + F11  To INSERT NEW a worksheet
271Ctrl + PgUp  To go to the NEXT worksheet
272Ctrl + PgDn  To go to the PREVIOUS worksheet
273Ctrl + Tab  To go to the NEXT workbook
274Ctrl + Shift + Tab  To SWITCH to the PREVIOUS workbook
275F6  To move to NEXT PANE
276Shift + F6  To move to PREVIOUS PANE
277Ctrl + F8To ADJUST the SIZE of workbook when it is not Maximized
278Ctrl + F9  To MINIMIZE current workbook window
279Ctrl + F10  To MAXIMIZE current workbook window
280Shift + Click  To SELECT ADJACENT worksheets
281Ctrl + Click  To select NON-ADJACENT worksheets
282ScrLk  To toggle SCROLL LOCK
283Ctrl + Shift + F1   To TOGGLE FULL SCREEN

Dialog Box

284 Tab To move to NEXT CONTROL
285 Shift + Tab To move to PREVIOUS OPTION in a dialog
286 Ctrl + Tab To move to the NEXT TAB
287 Ctrl + Shift + Tab  To move to the PREVIOUS TAB
288 Enter To ACCEPT and APPLY
289 Spacebar To CHECK and UNCHECK box
290 Esc To CANCEL and CLOSE the DIALOG box


291Ctrl + Shift + F10 To OPEN the CONTEXT MENU.
292Ctrl + SpacebarTo open the TASK PANE OPTIONS MENU.
293Ctrl + Spacebar To SELECT and CLOSE the TASK PANE.


294Alt + W, LTo go to NORMAL VIEW of the worksheet.
295Alt + W, PTo go to PAGE LAYOUT VIEW of the worksheet.
296Alt + W, ITo go to PAGE BREAK PREVIEW of the worksheet
297F1To DISPLAY the HELP task pane Microsoft
298 Shift + F7 To open THESAURUS dialog box
299Ctrl + F6To MOVE between TWO EXCEL windows.
300Ctrl + Shift + F6To MOVE between ALL EXCEL windows.
301Prt scTo CAPTURE IMAGE of your screen
302 Alt + F8 To open MACRO dialog 
303 Alt + F11 To open Microsoft VISUAL BASIC FOR APPLICATIONS (VBA) editor.
304 Alt To SNAP to GRID
305 Alt + ‘  To display MODIFY CELL STYLE dialog box
306Alt + F4To CLOSE Excel program
307Windows + Shift + S To CAPTURE a selection area of your screen.

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