If you want to display the Naira currency to values in a worksheet, you will need to know how to permanently enable Naira symbol in Excel.

The Naira is the Nigerian currency symbol and by default it is not available to format numeric values in Excel. However, Excel makes it easy to permanently enable Naira symbol in the format cell section in Excel.

If you want to add a currency symbol to values in an excel worksheet, you will have to apply the Accounting or Currency format to the cells and Excel has a number of international currency symbols like the dollar($), Pounds(£) and many others in the accounting or currency format, but you won’t find the Nigerian’s Naira currency.

In this post, I will share an easy guide on how to enable and apply Naira symbol in Excel.

Insert Naira Currency Symbol in Excel

Before you can permanently enable the Naira symbol in Excel, you will need to first insert the symbol into an active cell in the worksheet.

To do this, here are the steps to follow:

1. Go to Insert tab ­-> Click on Symbol

2. In the Symbols dialog box, click on Symbols tab and select (normal text) from the Font dropdown, Currency Symbols from the Subset dropdown, and Unicode(hex) from the From dropdown.

3. Select the Naira currency symbol and click on Insert button.

4. Click on Close to close the dialogue box

Now the Naira currency has been inserted into the worksheet and can be visible in the formula bar and active cell as shown below:

Enable Naira Symbol in Excel

When you have inserted the Naira symbol, you will need to permanently enable it in Excel so that you can easily add it to the values in the cells when needed.

To do this, follow these steps:

5. Copy the Naira symbol from the formula bar

6. In the Windows Start Bar, type to search Control Panel

7. Go to Clock, Language and Region and click on Change date, time or number formats

8. In the Region dialogue box, click on Additional settings

9. In the Customize Format dialogue box, click on Currency tab and paste the currency symbol in the Currency symbol field.

10. Click on Apply and then click Ok

Now if you want to apply the Naira symbol to the values in the worksheet,

  • Select the cells with the values and press Ctrl + 1 to bring up Format Cells dialogue box and,
  • In the Symbol field, click the dropdown arrow to select the Naira symbol to apply

You can see that some Naira symbols have been added to the list of symbols.

  • Click Ok

And that’s it. The Naira symbol has been added to the values as shown below.

Thank you all for your time. See you all in my next post!

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