Would you like to create a people graph in Excel? If yes, then ride along with me.

It is always fascinating to create interesting infographics and visuals for your data. These visuals tell a story about your data.

Excel has a collection of in-built charts templates and there are different kinds of visuals you can create with Excel charts. One of such is the People Graph in Excel. You can easily transform data into a cool picture that tells a story when you create a People Graph in Excel.

In this post, I’ll share simple steps to follow to create a People Graph in Excel.

People Graph in Excel

People Graph is an add-in introduced in Microsoft Excel 2013 to enable people create professional looking info-graphics. Instead of bars, lines or columns, it uses different shapes of icons to present the data. It is a simple way to depict the number of people or items logged in the dataset.

When you want to display charts for things like number of apps download, number of calls made to the support unit or even number of visitors to your website, a People graph will suffice.

Add People Graph Add-ins

The People Graph button is available in the Add-ins group in the Insert tab. But you will have to add the add-in to activate it on the ribbon before you can use it.

To add and install the People Graph button on the ribbon:

1. Go to Insert tab and click on My Add-ins

2. Click on Store and type People in the search box

3. Click on the Add button by People Graph.

This will install the add-ins to the ribbon

Once the add-ins is installed, you can click on the icon button on the insert tab to insert the chart and use anytime it is needed.

Create a People Graph in Excel

When you have installed the add-ins, anytime you hit the People Graph icon button on the ribbon, it will pop up a sample graph.

To create and insert the people graph in your worksheet;

1. Click on the icon button on the ribbon.

This will insert a People Graph with dummy data.

2. Then click on the small data grid icon to connect your data with the chart.

3. Enter the Title of the graph.

This step is optional. You may skip this step and go to the next step and add the title later if you wish.

4. Click on Select Your Data button to select the cell range you want.

This usually requires two columns with multiple rows.

5. Now click on the Create button.

If you skipped step 3, you can now go ahead to add a title for your chart. Just click on the data grid icon and change the default title.

Customizing Your People Graph

When you have created and inserted a People Graph in Excel worksheet, you can now go ahead to customize it by clicking on the gear icon to go to the Settings.

In settings, you can change the type, theme and shape of the People Graph.

1. Type

  • Click on type and select any of the three options on the right.

2. Theme

There are seven different pre-defined themes you can use for the people graph.

  • Click on theme to select any one from the seven options to change the background and colours of the graph.

3. Shape

There are 16 different shape options you can select from. So you can select any shape that better represents your data.

  • Click on shape to use a different shape other than people icon.

Reload”, Saved Image or “Select” the People Graph

There is an arrow that appears on the top right of your People Graph. It is an arrow for Windows and an info icon for Mac.

When you click on the arrow, it pops up a dialogue box with different options.

The Select action allows you to select the graph if you want to move it to another location on the sheet. Reload allows you to refresh the graph and Show as Saved Image saves the graph as an image that you can use in other applications or to upload on the web.

You also have the option to Get Support, View Source and view the Security Info.


  • If you update any value in the source data, Excel updates the graph automatically.

Excel has numerous charts you can use to visually display your data and if your data has to do with number of people like customer calls, client visits, number of employees, etc, then you should create a People Graph in Excel. 

You can also take a look at how to create Sparklines in Excel for other ways to visually display data.

Leave your comments below and I’ll see you in my next post.