Just like in Word, you can add bullet points in Excel spreadsheet and there are a number of ways you can do that.

In this post, I’ll show you four unique ways to add bullet points in Excel.

What is a Bullet Point?

Bullet points are symbols mostly used to highlight key points in a list. They are usually used in place of numbers when the items in the list are not listed orderly.

4 Ways to Add Bullet Points in Excel

You can also make a bulleted list of items in excel to highlight important information in the excel worksheet and there are four ways you can do that. They are:

1. Insert Bullet Points using Keyboard Shortcut

2. Add Bullet Points using Insert Symbol Dialogue Box

3. Create Bullet Points using the CHAR Function

4. Add Bullet Points using Custom Number Formatting

1. Insert Bullet Point using Keyboard Shortcut

To quickly insert bullet points in Excel, use the following keyboard shortcuts:

                  Alt + 7     or       Alt + 9

Alt + 7 inserts the black dot bullet point • , while Alt + 9 inserts the small circle bullet point ° as shown below:

If you want to insert more bullet points, just drag to copy and fill in the other cells.

If you want to insert bullet points in a single cell with a list, enter the bullet point then the item name, press Alt + Enter to insert a line break. Repeat the same step to enter all the items.

2. Add Bullet Points using Insert Symbol Dialog Box

Another way to insert bullet point is by using the Insert Symbol option in Excel.

To do this,

1. Go to Insert tab -> Symbols

2. In the Symbol dialogue box, click the Font dropdown arrow and select the font.

3. Scroll down to select the bullet point you want to insert.

4. Click on Insert button.

Once you have inserted a bullet point into a cell, it can be copied to other cells.

3. Add Bullet Points using Excel Function

Using functions is another way to insert bullet point in excel.

The CHAR(149) automatically inserts bullet points in a cell in Excel.

Adding bullet points using the CHAR function enables you to add bullets points to multiple cells at once.

So if you want to add bullet points to a list of items on your worksheet like in the image above, here’s what you should do.

Enter the formula below into cell B2:

               =CHAR(149)&“ ”&A2

This formula uses CHAR(149) to insert the bullet points and “ ” to create a space after the bullet point and before the item name.

You can then drag the AutoFill box to fill in the other cells. This will copy the formula to the cells below.

The problem with using this formula is that you cannot change the content of the bulleted list directly. You will need to change it from the original reference list.

Also, the original reference list will need to remain in the worksheet since it was referenced in the formula.  

4. Create Bullet Points using Custom Number Formatting

This is an awesome way to insert bullet points automatically.

Custom number formatting in Excel allows you to specify the format for four categories of data types:

Positive numbers -> Negative numbers -> Zeroes -> Text

Therefore, you can specify how you want these data types to be displayed in the cell.

With this, you can customize the cells so that bullet points will be displayed automatically as soon as you enter anything in the cell.

See an example below:

To do this, here are the steps to follow:

1. Insert a bullet point into any cell (Using any of the techniques above)

2. Double click on the cell to select the bullet point, and copy it

3. Then select the cells you want to apply the custom number format. This is where you want to insert the bullet points.

4. Press Control + 1 to open the ‘Format Cells’ dialogue box

5. In the Number tab, select Custom

6. In the ‘Type’ field, paste the bullet point and enter @ or General, like this:

                 • @ or • General

7. Click Ok.

And that’s it.

I hope you found this post helpful. Leave your comments and see you in my next post.

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