One of the key aspect of getting organized is having an interactive checklists, also known as to-do lists. Whether you are a business mogul, a worker or a stay-at-home parent, having interactive checklists will help you get through your tasks quickly and easily.  

A Checklist (To-do list) will help you to break-down tasks into smaller tasks in order to get things done and manage your activities more efficiently. By breaking down tasks into smaller tasks, you can prioritize your time and get the important tasks done.

And what’s even better is having the right to-do-list design as a tool that will not only help manage tasks, but also keep track of performances.

You do not need an expensive software for this. Just the way you learnt how to create interactive checkboxes in Excel in one of my tutorials, you can also build an Interactive checklist for your to-do list like the one below in just a split second.

Here, we have a to-do list with:

  • A list of tasks to be performed
  • Checkboxes that are assigned to each task. When you check the box, the status changes from ‘Not Done’ to ‘Done’. Also, you can see that the cells get a colour shade and a strikethrough format for the tasks checked as done.
  • A column named ‘Cells Linked’ that is linked to the ‘Status’ that changes its value from False to True when it is checked.
  • A ‘Task Completed’ and ‘Percentage (%) of Task Completed’ that are computed based on the number of tasks that have been checked as completed.

So let’s go through the steps on how to create a to-do-list in Excel.

And to do this, here are the steps you should follow:

#a. List out all tasks to be performed in cell A2:A11

#b. Insert checkboxes and place them in cells B2:B11

#c. Link the check boxes to cell E2:E11.

You will have to insert each of the check boxes individually and link them manually one by one. You can check out how to create/insert multiple checkboxes.

#d. Enter this formula in cell C2: =IF(E2, “Done”, “Not Done”) and  

      drag it down to cell C11.

#e. Select cell C2:C11 and apply conditional formatting to the cells as


Select colour green to colour the cell background green and apply strikethrough format when value is “Done”.

#f. Go to cell H3 to input the formula:

                =COUNTIF($E$2:$E$11, TRUE)

This formula will count the total number of tasks that have been   marked Done.

#g. Next, you go to cell H4 to input the formula:

  =COUNTIF($E$2:$E$11,TRUE)/COUNTIF($E$2:$E$11, <>”)

Again, this formula will calculate and display the percentage of tasks completed.

And that’s it. You will have your interactive To-do List like the one above.

And that’s a wrap!